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    This topic is about the puzzle you need to solve to open the chest in the attic.
    If you are stuck you can check the hints below. Click on the question arrow and the answer will become visible. The last hint gives you the answer.
    It is allowed to respond in this topic to ask for more hints if you don’t want the answer directly. Please do not leave spoilers for other players.

    I cannot find the code?

    Search the attic for numbers

    Where can I enter the code?

    Click on the chest.

    I cannot find one particular number.

    Did you search the beams on the ceiling?

    Nope still can’t find them.

    triangle – on the concrete wall below the sloping ceiling
    Circle – on the wood plate
    square – on the top beam of the ceiling
    Hexagon – on the floor

    The answer.


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