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    This topic is about the puzzle you need to solve using the old pictures of Sliedrecht.
    If you are stuck you can check the hints below. Click on the question arrow and the answer will become visible. The last hint gives you the answer.
    It is allowed to respond in this topic to ask for more hints if you don’t want the answer directly. Please do not leave spoilers for other players.

    I don’t know how I should find the right answer here?

    To solve these puzzles you’ll need to use Google Maps. Find the church and the square mentioned on the pictures (NB: some descriptions might be in Dutch). These pictures are taken in Sliedrecht in the Netherlands. Try to retake the right route, using the pictures and information on the pages.

    I’m looking for a school but I don’t know how/where to find it?

    This school no longer exists. But if you Google for ‘School 2 Sliedrecht’ or ‘School II Sliedrecht’ (Note: Do a Google search, don’t use Google Maps this time) you should be able to find what this school was called in the past.

    Something about a bridge? I don’t understand

    The name of the bridge can be found on the picture itself. It no longer exists, but a street is still called after this bridge!

    Please give me the answer

    The right answers, step by step: Kerkbuurt, Oranjestraat, Gereformeerde kerk, Henri Dunant School, Oosterbrug, Parkzicht

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