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    This topic is about the puzzle you find when you click on the pilot badge in the chest.
    If you are stuck you can check the hints below. Click on the question arrow and the answer will become visible. The last hint gives you the answer.
    It is allowed to respond in this topic to ask for more hints if you don’t want the answer directly. Please do not leave spoilers for other players.

    I’ve drawn a grid of 8×8 in Microsoft Excel or on paper but I don’t know what I’m suppossed to see…

    Try again, but make sure you have A-H horizontal, 1-8 vertical and cell A1 at the bottom left.

    I need to find a 6 digit code, but I only found 5

    Have a better look at the tail of the plane: 1 color can be found twice…

    I have a 6 digit code, but it’s not correct

    Do you have the numbers and letters in the right order? You can find it on the tail of the plane.

    What do I need the correct answer for?

    There is a box somewhere that you might be able to unlock with this code…

    Please just give me the answer

    HCL242 – Use it to open the small box next to the chest on the attic

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