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    Welcome to this forum!

    This is where you can find hints for when you are stuck on a certain point in the game. The hints are divided by part of the game and by object. If you don’t like spoilers, try to only look for the part you are stuck on and don’t snoop around other parts of the forum. 

    Each topic contains all the hints for 1 puzzel/object. First hint is a small push in the right direction. Last hint is the right answer. You can discuss puzzles and hints in the same topic. Please keep in mind to not post answers directly readable for others.

    Last but not least: be nice to each other. Don’t swear, respect each other, no nudity, no spam (only posts about the game are allowed) and do not spoil to much for other players.

    Have fun!

    Creators United

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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