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    This topic is about the puzzle you need to solve to find the baptismal name at the office of the dancing school.
    If you are stuck you can check the hints below. Click on the question arrow and the answer will become visible. The last hint gives you the answer.
    It is allowed to respond in this topic to ask for more hints if you don’t want the answer directly. Please do not leave spoilers for other players.

    I don’t know what to do with the picture of the interior of the church

    Each word (item) in the bar at the bottom of the picture represents 1 letter of the baptismal name.

    After the first hint I still don’t know what I need to do here…

    If we look at the word Knife, we find the numbers ‘2+6’ belong to that word. The 2 refers to the second letter of the word knife, so the ‘N’. If we move this letter +6 (because it was 2+6), which letter do we get then…?

    Please give me the correct answer

    Well okay, Rosalien her baptismal name is ‘Theresia’

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