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    This topic is about the puzzles you find when you click on the envelope from the chest.
    If you are stuck you can check the hints below. Click on the question arrow and the answer will become visible. The last hint gives you the answer.
    It is allowed to respond in this topic to ask for more hints if you don’t want the answer directly. Please do not leave spoilers for other players.

    I found 2 flags, but they might not be the correct ones

    Did you find Zanzibar and India gevonden? Zanzibar isn’t correct sadly… but its flag does look a lot like the correct one! Any idea how that would be possible?

    Which language is that word on the back of the postcard?

    The language is mentioned in the text. Copy the strange word (use button open pdf), and search for it online…

    I’m not sure we answered the crossword puzzle correctly…

    The words on the dots at the bottom actually point towards the correct 2 letters… where else can you find these colors?

    What should I do with the picture of the guy (morse)?

    Can you hear the code? Isn’t that a morse code? Google it! You’re looking for 2 letters.

    I think I’ve got all answers (8 letters), but I get a really weird name…?

    You have to decode the combinations of 2 letters using the scheme from the envelope. The first letter of the 2 refers to the right column, search within this column for the second letter to find the 2 new letters. And repeat this for all 4 letter combinations!

    Please just give me the answer, I’m done with this puzzle…

    Well okay then: her name is Rosalien!

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    I cannot copy and paste the Punjabi word from the postcard and searching for what each symbol means gives me 4 sounds/letters, not just 2 and then still a nonsense name after using the Enigma code. How do I copy and paste it online to find out what I need?

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    You should get 4 sounds but concentrate on the lead letter of each. Group the first 2 together and then the second 2. You are aiming for 2 letter sounds. I think the first one sounds like a capital letter but the second sounds like a phonic my daughter uses rather than how we would normally say it in English

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    Just pointing out an error!

    For the 2 letters you need to find from the crossword puzzle, the dots should be under the BLUE and pink colours, not the green and pink!

    This should help you find the name you’re looking for.

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    Did you ever get this to work?

    We will never get out! 🙁

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    I can’t finish it, please tell me if I did something wrong, that’s what I found:

    The flags are: India and Tanzania (letters: DT)

    The crossword puzzle solution is: Blue & Pink (letters: LN)

    I search the Punjabi word on google translate and it came out: JX

    The Morse code: AF

    I understand the last pice of paper (the one full of letters) is a code sheet and work like this:
    you get 2 letters from every puzzle (ex DT)
    you only take the first letter (D) and search in the column of this letter (in this case search for the one that starts with Da)
    then search the second letter (T)
    and you would find other 2 letters (D column, T letter = RO)

    I did this for every puzzle’s solution, but the final result isn’t the correct answer, please help.

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    Can someone please explain how to use the coding sheet in more detail. The hint was not clear enough for me and I am going to lose sleep over this. HELP!

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