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  • A lot of solutions to puzzles will be numbers or letters that you have to fill in somewhere else. Remember these well and/or write them down!
  • This game is meant to run on a desktop or laptop with a mouse. It is possible that on smaller screens certain things will not be visible or will not work at all.
  • Feel free to play on your own or in a group but please keep your answers secret to the general public because we want as many people as possible to be able to have a go!
  • Click in the right places, read, crack codes, search, listen, and print or draw if needs be. Still stuck? Check our forum for hints!
  • This game is meant to have a playtime of 4-10 hours. Your time is not being monitored. Remember the URL or the page where you’d like to continue from later.
  • For this game you will at points need to preferably make use of a printer and the internet to solve puzzles.
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Playing with multiple people? You can all log in separately! Video call each other to talk about and solve the puzzles together. With most videocall services also allow you to share a screen if you only want to log in once, but then someone will have to lead the game.

Getting stuck? Check our forum for some hints!

Enjoy this puzzle adventure and good luck!

Team Creators United