Because you can’t come to our escape rooms, we are coming to you!

How it begins

It all begins with a beautiful old chest that you find in the attic of your new house. A chest full of memories. It piques your curiosity; what do all these objects mean? To whom does this chest belong? Is that something you can find out…?

About this game

The Forgotten Memories is the product of creative minds in isolation. 18 escape room owners have worked together to create this FREE game for you. You will be thrown into a story that hearkens back to the Second World War. With this we are honouring our 75 years of freedom. The story is packed with emotion and a wide variety of puzzles giving it a satisfying playtime of between 3 and 10 hours.

The game should provide a good few hours of entertainment for you on your own or the whole family working together. After playing you have the opportunity to financially support the partaking escape rooms in this difficult time by leaving a small donation.

Who is this suitable for?

For everyone who likes escape rooms and/or puzzles! However, it will probably be a little challenging for young children if they do not have some help…

Help! I am stuck on a puzzle! Do you have hints?

Absolutely! You can find tips & tricks on our forum!

Would you like to support us with a donation?

Thanks to your donation, we are able to keep this site up and running.

Thank you for your support!


We have won a Bullseye award!

We won a Bullseye award for “Best Storyline” for our game A Lost Memory and we are ofcourse very proud of that 🙂

Creators United designed and developed this game. Who are we?

This game is made during the first covid lockdown in the Netherlands. A group of owners and staff from 18 different escape room companies cooperated to create this game within 2 weeks. A few members from this group still work together to create new games under the name of: Creators United.

If you would like some more information you can contact us by mailing to: